GO Navigation 2.3 bugs

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As reporting issue via normal support channels is becoming more and more useless and get only standard/irrelevant copy/paste answers, I'm trying my luck over here with the wishful thing that somebody over here would pick it up and get things finally done/fixed.

1. On roundabouts one gets first one direction and then which exit to take. E.g. On the roundabout left, 2nd exit. This is both the case for the right and straight.
This is confusing and illegal, because in Belgium one can only drive on a roundabout to the right. This should therefore be changed so that it is less confusing and illegal
2. The lane assistant shows misinformation at exits if there are multiple lanes each going in a separate direction. That's especially the case with a 2 lane exit, each of which goes in a different direction. The spoken instruction speaks e.g. about turning left/right, but the lane assistant shows that the 2 lanes are going the same way, which isn't the case at all.
3. copy/pasting an address or coordinates from other apps to the search bar always results in blanks whereas other pass can properly handle the pasted data
4. The zooming is not working properly. I have seen several times that the map is heavily zoomed out (about 50km) for no reason and no longer zooms in, even with instructions requiring a properly zoomed in map view.
5. Reporting card problems is missing from the app with me. Normally that would be in the menu if you keep pushing on a location, but that's not the case.
6. No longer supporting custom POIs is a serious flaw. Ideally, it should be allowed and even appear on the map (with its own icon), like any other normal modern navigation system. This is a serious lack of functionality