IFTTT keeps showing destinations

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Every time i boot my TomTom all the ifttt destinations will show in the screen and i have to wait for minutes to see the most recent ones. What can i do so that only appointments in the future wil schow up in the schreen.


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    can you delete the old ones that you do not want
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    I've not noticed that ???
    But all of my IFTTT triggers are in some form or other my Home location....
    I have noticed sometimes when I'm a Home planning a route on the device, it decides to turn on the lounge light... I guess I'm because I'm in the trigger zone....

    A friend of mine's Sat-Nav was tuning the House Smart Heating on and off as he drove around Town until we realized his trigger circle area was too big... He was nowhere near his house but the roads were dipping in and out of the trigger zone :)

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