London is a nightmare now with speed limits changing 30 > 20 >30 > 20

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1: What is the easiest way to report speed changes?
2: Will TomTom update the maps quickly?
Also. new LTNs need to be processed
If Wayz can do it , why can't TomTom

Also, it should be possible to report a speed camera in a NEW20mph limit, previously 30mph and for it to be immediately actioned !!! NINE months is not acceptable.


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    See my post earlier about the appalling map quality. I've given up on TomTom. They've been adding errors to maps for a few years now, mostly removing blockages on roads that already made some areas LTNs in effect, and all the changes in London are just swamping them. Reported several alterations myself, with nice geo tagged photos and not changed on the map yet, even though closures can easily be done instantly via the traffic system.

    Looking at other threads about Vauxhall bridge and the new road near Cambridge tells you everything you need to know. If months and months of people complaining about a major motorway being altered and not updated results in mistake after mistake...and TomTom being unable to get it right, what hope do we have for a new bollard on Acacia avenue?

    They'll probably update the roads in some map update and by then the LTNs will be getting removed! Many are temporary.

    Speed limits have always been very slow. I reported a 20mph linit for a couple of years before it got altered. The camera was changed very quickly, but the road remained a 30 and then when it did change it was fragmented, being 20 and 30 in sections along the road. Also they've recently changed speed limits incorrectly for no apparent reason. A 40 mph road that changes to 30 as you get towards the town is now 40 all the way (on their map) including the obviously buildup area in town. Nothing changed in reality. Anothrr long term 50mph road now shows 70 in sections for no apparent reason.

    Gone to Waze. Routing isn't as good, TomTom is better for finding routes through traffic all things being equal, but the mapping errors in London mean it's not equal.