Error "Oops Something went wrong try again" while trying to update

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This happens regardless of whether I use WIFI or USB! I have (with great difficulty as they seem to be making it near impossible to contact them) tried to resolve it with the online chat service to no avail. We have been through all the reset routines, they tell me they have made adjustments. Nothing changes. My PC is set to make a sound when a USB device is connected, there is no such sound and My Drive does not recognise the connection . I believe it will onlky be achieved by sending it back, it is under guarantee .


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    Hi @admonfr

    With the GO Essential you should not need a PC. Are you saying that when the unit is directly connected to your Wifi this is confirmed in Wifi in Settings, and it also confirms it is connected to your account by saying Stop Syncing bottom right in Settings/My Drive, then we can ask @VikramK to double check that the unit is set up correctly on the TT server. That being the case thendid you purchase the unit directly from Tomtom or from a retailer. If the latter then I would return it to the retailer for replacement.

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    Hi @admonfr

    Welcome to the community! I see you have 3 devices linked to the same TomTom account.

    Could you try setting up the GO ESSENTIAL on a different account and see if you are able to perform the updates?

    I don't see any issues with services or subscriptions on the account.

    Regards, Vikram