How to feed-back to TomTom if a Map has an obvious Error?

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On my way home, I have to turn left on a 3-lane road. About 500m earlier, my 620 starts to say and repeatedly says " Keep right and bear left" ... sorry if I keep right, it's dead-wrong. The message should be "Keep left and turn left"...
With TomTom's self imposed isolation from the users, I found no way how to feed this error back :anguished:

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    I could not find a clear category for "route announcements" but at least I could report it. Not sure yet if it works and how my map get's the change. Also I could not trace the route, only a segment that goes straight instead of turning left ... lets see. It's making everybody laugh every day as it sound so stupid "keep right and bear left" if indeed I have to keep left and turn left"... we thought already maybe there was a long time ago a bear, and that bear left .... ;)