Tom Tom Go Basic 5" missing junctions- missing lane changes

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I have recently upgraded my TomTom to a Go Basic 5" screen with wifi capability. Having just returned from a 3 day break we have discovered that the maps do not show the lane changes at all the junctions, although it does at some. Also it completely missed a junction where there were three options, all leading in different directions, and if it had not been for the fact that we were nearly home this could have caused us to add many more miles to our journey, which is not what you expect from your sat nav. I tried to check for updates using my phones wifi as it was advertised as not needing a computer to update and it would not connect. Has anyone else had the same issues ??


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    Hi @S_McAllister123

    The lane guidance does not do all junctions rather those on Motorways and some on major roads so maybe this is what you experienced. re missing a junction maybe this is a map issue in that instance..

    I think I am right in saying that the unit will not connect to a Phones hotspot for updates but will to a Wifi at home without the need for a PC. Should you not have Wifi, maybe for health reasons, or the Wifi signal is slow then the use of a PC is available if needed.