Need to see road type "unpaved road"

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When road type "unpaved" is incorrect on maps the routing can also be incorrect. Since unpaved roads are not indicated on maps, the user does not know what part of a route uses unpaved roads and is unable to make intelligent choices. Further, it's hard to figure out the reason for routing errors caused by wrong road type, and very unlikely these errors get reported. I suggest the map display include indication of unpaved roads (either by colour or dashes) to help prevent these issues.

Please make it easier for us to help correct map errors.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @LeoLind

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. I will forward this to our team responsible for MapShare -interface improvement.

    Regards, Vikram
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    I wish I could add +100 - the ability to visually see which sections are unpaved might help to understand what the TomTom is doing when it makes stupid routing decisions
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    Hello @VikramK ,

    another example on this subject
    After 15 years of assistance with map errors, it is still unclear how TT defines the individual road types.
    Status = fixed, but not visible on the map
    Position 1 + 2 should look like Position 3. They are all farm track & "unpaved". Can you please explain it perfectly as always. B)