MyDrive route sync and GO Navigation App

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So we are now in 2020, 3 years later and we still can’t see any development on the transferring routes from MyDrive to TomTomGo app on the iPhone iOS14? We can see how it works on Android though :(
Why? Who needs to buy separate device to use GPS on the motorcycle instead of better smartphones from our pockets. We need working well app. More people will pay monthly subscription than buy devices. Everyone knows that, but not TT. Even if you give super promotion with 1 year free, people will not be willing to pay after that because of those lacks of useful features. I have been using your products for years now but I still think someone sitting on the top of this company didn’t even use it on the motorcycle...


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Robmad

    As a user like you there may be a few things you need to consider.

    The Android App had the facility to transfer routes from Mydrive to the App so clearly Tomtom wished to offer that facility The IOS App has never as far as I know had that facility so as TT have demonstrated the desire to offer it is it possible that Apple have not allowed the option to be offered as it is not an option available to other Apps on their platform. Bear in mind Google have not allowed any Nav App other than their own Apps to be used in Android Auto up to now whilst Apple have allowed various Nav Apps on Carplay.

    Currently the new Android app does not facilitate the syncing of Routes between Mydrive and the App. Tomtom have explained that this is because the Maps on the new app are NDS format which is different to those on the old App. They have indicated that they are working on the combatability issue with the NDS maps and are seeking to restore the Route Syncing between Mydrive and the App. Tomtom have also indicated that when they do this they are seeking to add the facility to the latest IOS App which also uses the NDS maps and I for one look forward to that.

    Regarding Motorcycles etc I, as I am sure others, would hope that having developed the App for cars that they will consider the possibility of expanding the vehicle versions to Campers/Car and Caravan/Trucks/Motorcycles particularly as more could or are being fitted with Android Auto/Carplay units.

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    I don't buy the excuse that Apple won't allow it. Just look at Calimoto. With Calimoto you can plan a route on their web planner and the route is immediately synced to your phone. You can also do the reverse, plan on phone, save route and it's synced to your account on the web planner. The web planner can import and export GPX files. GPX files can be imported into the App. Heck the only thing you cannot do is export GPX files from within the App. You can also share routes between Calimoto users but I have not tried this feature yet.

    This is why I asked about the purpose of the AmiGo App. There seems to me to be so much more that needs to be done with the paid Go App. Why waste time, money and resources on the AmiGo App.

    On My List.
    1) Save routes in App and sync with MyDrive
    2) Get POI visible in MyDrive and App
    3) Get a folder system for Favourites and Routes on both MyDrive and App.

    Its not all bad. I love the UI. The Map is clear and sidebar is cool. Traffic is good too.

    Fingers crossed that some of this will be available before the end of the year.
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    Hi @Levisp

    As I said I am a user and was not suggesting that it was an excuse that Apple would not let it as Tomtom have never said why it was not available. What I asked was why if they provided the facility to Android App users would they not do the same on the IOS App. I proffered the idea that it may be an Apple issue but have no idea if it is.

    Not being a motorcyclist I have never heard of `Calimoto so have no idea what it can and cannot do.

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    At this moment syncing tracks between myDrive and TT Android nav app is not working anymore, though it has been functioning well till recently. What happened? I don't see a way to import routes or tracks in the nav app in an alternative way.
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    100% with you on this. I've also used Tomtom for years, but now use the an iphone with the app on a wireless charger on my bike. I switched because of the difficulty in getting my phone, my tomtom and my senna set to connect. The app works perfectly and the camera and traffic functionality is second to none......but no My Routes or syncing with myDrive (although Mydrive functionality within Go would be even better).
    Once this is there then, for me its perfect.
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    I am having the same issue as MarcoGo. I use TomTom Go on my android for some years. Creating a motorcycle route on my PC and transfer it, via Mydrive to my phone. Since the last update that does not work anymore. The route is on Mydrive but if I select "My routes" on my phone it states "No routes".
    I disconnected and connected again, even removed and reinstalled TomTom Go but still not working. Any suggetions?
    (I mostly / only use TomTom for motorcycling trips so if this does not work anymore......)
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    So wait, are you saying it's NOT possible to use routes created on MyDrive on my iPhone GO app? Then what is the whole use of this? Why is there a sync checkbox in the first place?