No Connection to Live Sevices @ Tom Tom Go Basic Europe

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The Traffic Live feature was for me a great issue to choose for this device but after the purchase I encountered a failure in this Traffic Live which no one could solve this!
I have been trying, trying, trying, reading, chatting and reading the concerning topics on the Tom Tom Forum but all was in vain!
Main problem was that in spite of the manual and Help files, I could make a connection between my Android phone and te Tom Tom device by Mydrive.
Tried without/with Mydrive, without/ with Bluetooth Tethering, etcetera, etcetra, nothing did connect the two devices to receive the Traffic information.
In the chat a very kind person of Tom Tom, that person only sent me (apparently by copy/paste), an hard to understand solution; actually it contained the very same content like the manual and Help files.
So, finally after many hours and after increasing annoyance I decided to return the Tom Tom to the retailer and to buy a Garmin device.
You have to know that an already used a Garmin device for my motorcycle and car for many years but I would give Tom Tom chance to conquer me. All in vain and leaving me with hugh feelings of disappointment and angry.
What should you expect from me to all my relatives, friends and colleagues in case they are asking me for my experiences with Tom Tom?
It's very bad to see on the Tom Tom Forum multiple Tom Tom users, questioning the help in the same issues without any answer or advicing.


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    Totaly agree with you EEZZIE---this level of support simply will not do. Whatever happened to good old phone support? Too much like hard work
  • Eezzie
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    @davemack63dog. You're right. In addition to the complains I wrote, I forgot the lack of the possibilty to contact by phone. Such a hugh enterprise with so many customers but without any assistance by phone; it's unbelievable and very annoying. I really hope the bad reportings will contribute in the decision making to all future buyers of car navigation NOT to buy TomTom as long as TomTom does'nt care their customers.