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I live in the United States and recently purchased the Rider 550. I am looking at purchasing the security lock for it. The security lock is not available in the United States. The only security lock available for TomTom is on revzilla, which I don't know fits. Are there any plans to release this specific security lock for the rider 550.


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    Welcome to the site...
    Anti-Theft Solution....
    Tomtom Web Shop... USA

    Scroll down the page for Compatibility list....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Guys, @Adventure2020,

    I just followed @YamFazMan 's link, its a US site and I tried to buy one. Hmmm, no longer available from the US site although it is from the UK/EU site. A quick search found me one on Amazon at around fifty quid.

    Any Rider owner that routinely removes their SatNav will know how quick and convenient it is to take the thing off the bike. The problem is it'll be just as easy for some ner do well to remove the thing while you're sat there stationary in traffic. To describe the standard unit as supplied as "for motorcycles" is a nonsense. It is only secure on your bike when the whole lot is locked in a garage or shed.

    When I got my Rider550 it struck me immediately how easy it was to steal and I set about modifying the mount to address this. Having dis-assembled the mount I have to say how well its designed and built. I was very chuffed with my solution until I realised simply rotating the unit 90 degrees right defeated it. That's now sorted.

    Looking at the original mount and thinking back, it could only have been a few mouse clicks away from including the necessary security in from the very start needing only a small barrel lock to complete.

    The question we should all be asking Tomtom is: "Why are you selling very expensive kit for use in the open air and on a motorcycle that is so easily removed in seconds by some miscreant?". I recall the old (very old) units also included a password access but they then made them "BETTER".

    Once stolen the thing is only a factory reset away from being nearly brand new and untraceable. Again, it would only take a few mouse clicks and a bit of keyboard action to ensure that any owner email address change would give the old email address a shout next time the unit connects for an update. Also easy to include the location.

    Hopeless! Or is it just Clueless?
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    I do agree that it was a missed opportunity by TomTom by not having its own small barrel lock incorporated within the supplied motorcycle mount but in all likelihood, didn’t need the extra cost and the “I’ve lost my anti-theft key” scenario.
    Enter RAM mount and security solution.
    As soon as I have parked my motorcycle, I immediately remove the Rider because even the anti-theft solution doesn’t prevent individuals trying to have a go at tampering.
    Best out of sight!
    I hope someone doesn’t try to remove my Rider whilst I’m in stationary traffic as it would activate my cleverly concealed black eye device. ;)
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    @kieron, that's an interesting security feature you have there but I can see a problem.

    As for key security that's what split rings are for. In my case I keep some keys and the alarm fob on a landyard round my neck (and in the dry) while other keys stay with the ignition key. No one key set will start my bike.

    Any effective additional security serves only to extend the period of ownership. The better the security the longer you get to own it. As a minimum Tomtom SHOULD have included a feature to maintain ownership of our very expensive devices longer than the distraction time of sliding our credit card in the slot and entering the PIN number at an automated petrol pump or similar. I'll bet very few of us remove our SatNavs when we are standing right next to our bikes. Agreed, it goes in the pocket if we are parking up.

    I'm thinking that if any barsteward does take a shine to our device when we are astride the first news we'll get is a massive nudge in the direction of OFF during which time we will be more concerned saving our legs from a very hot motorcycle or just damage to our expensive and wonderful bike as the pair of us go down. In this case we will likely find our SatNav and the perp long gone by the time we recover ourselves. Giving chase in full kit for very long, certainly in my case, is unlikely. Could even find the bike gone on return. Remember the keys may still be there.
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    It occurs to add that I would only be looking for 30 seconds of security from any Tomtom mounting system. As above, enough time to cover distractions while re-fueling or similar. Any longer and the thing will be safe off the bike and in a pocket.