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On my TomTom Go Basic I used to be able to tap the screen on a road where the wrong speed limit was shown. Then a pop up appeared on which an option to "change speed limit" was provided. I could then scroll to the correct speed limit and acknowledge the change.
This feature has disappeared! I tried again today to report a wrong speed limit, but the "Change speed limit" option could not be found.
Also, back when I was able to change the speed limit I reported the same wrong speed limit, via my device, to TomTom on several occasions, but the speed limit is *still* wrong! This after at least one map update. Similar lagardly response was apparent with my old TomTom Start 20. It took TomTom up to two years to correct some wrong data.


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    On the 2D North-up Route Planning screen....
    'Long Tap' (Tap and hold for +1 second) on the screen --> A quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot icon --> Choose 'Report Map Change'
    A new window opens....

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    On my TomTom GO the Report Map Change option does not always appear when I tap the three dots. But I've just played around with the satnav for 10 minutes and it kinda works sometimes. However, when I eventually see the option "Speed Limit" it's very difficult to swipe through the numbers to home in on the correct speed limit. Even if I'm super careful, I find I've selected 70 when I've aimed for 60. It's incredibly hit and miss. Anyway, I did manage to select the rogue road in question, which has been NSL for at least 15 years and now displays 30 on the satnav for over 2 miles. I've changed it to 60 at three different places, so hopefully the next map will have it implemented.