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AmiGO not working in overlay / background (Xiaomi devices)

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For some users, AmiGO does not work when put in overlay (widget) mode, or in the background. The following are some of the signs that your app has stopped working:
  • Your current speed and speed limit stop updating. The Overlay widget looks “frozen”.
  • You stop getting warnings and instructions, both visually and through voice (TTS).

Turn off Battery Saving for AmiGO. Based on your MiUI version, this option could be in different locations on your phone.

Security > Battery > App Battery Saver > AmiGO > No restriction

MiUI 11

MiUI 10

Also check:
  • Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Power plan is set to Performance
  • Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps – AmiGO needs to be Protected
  • Settings > Apps > AmiGO > Battery > Power-intensive prompt and Keep running after screen off
  • Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & Performance > Manage apps’ battery usage and here:
    (1)Switch Power Saving Modes to Off
    (2)Choose the next options: Saving Power in The Background > Choose apps > select AmiGO > Background Settings > No restrictions


  • Mariner1960Mariner1960 Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I had already done some of these. It is not possible to set a power plan for the current MIUI. It is working working now as a result of other setting changes provided by another user.
  • DonCivixDonCivix Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    edited July 23
    On Xiaomi MI 11 it doesn't start automatically when Bluetooth is connected, on other phones it does.
    I have already set the said settings, but nothing, can you help me?

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