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CarPlay integration with AmiGO App

paul_cox_un33paul_cox_un33 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
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I have been using the TomTom Go app on my iPhone since the beginning of the year, in place of Here WeGo [which at the time did not integrate with CarPlay].
However, Go has one major drawback - in that speeding alerts doe not sound until at least 3mph [5kph] over the speed limit. Since there is a lag before the alert sounds, this is enough to get a speeding ticket in the UK.
Amigo does allow the alert threshold to be set at 1mph over the limit - which would be fine. But without CarPlay integration the app is of no use to me.
It seems to me that TomTom have a Catch 22 situation - they need more iPhone users to justify CarPlay integration - but without it they are likely to limit the number of iPhone users.
It also baffles me why TomTom does not incorporate a feature such as the choice of speed alert trigger into a paid app, when it is present in a free app!


  • LevispLevisp Posts: 74 [Supreme Navigator]
    Personally I'm baffled by TomTom full stop. I don't understand why AmiGo exists when there is so much work needs doing on their other apps. If you want a free app with CarPlay use Waze. Why try to invent the wheel with another free app ? Surely their time and money would be best spent making the paid app the best. Unfortunately functionality that has been ask for 4 years ago still hasn't materialised. Try saving a route. Sorry not possible. Import a route. Sorry not possible. Organise favourites into folders. Sorry not possible. AmiGo must be the answer. No. Rant over.
  • 460wildman460wildman Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    I agree, I am trying to use the Amigo app, but without Carplay integration, I find myself using Google Maps or Waze more often.
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