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Removing Preloaded POI's from Rider 550?

idealhobbiesidealhobbies Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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I am located in the United States. My Rider 550 has a bunch of locations in Europe that are preloaded and I would like to remove them if I can. In "My Places" the following are listed and I don't need them....
Bikerbetten Hotels
Charging Station
MoHo Hotels
Tourenfahrer Endurotracks
Tourenfahrer Hotels
Tourenfahrer Meeting Points
Tourenfahrer Museum
Tourenfahrer Passes
Tourenfahrer Racetracks

When I edit list, I can remove everything but these items. I don't need them and I would like to remove them.


  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 726 [Revered Pioneer]
    You can't remove these POI's but you can Hide them from displaying on the screen.

    .... (Menu) -> Settings -> Appearance -> Show POI list on map -> Select your POI group and choose Hide.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,060
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    Welcome to the site....
    Unfortunately you can't remove the Built-in POI's you can only stop them from being displayed....

    (1)... Tap 4Dot (….) Menu
    (2)... Tap Settings
    (3)... Tap Appearance
    (4)... Tap Show Poi Lists on Map
    (5)... Scroll down to and Tap Charging Station
    (6)... Tap Hide.
    (7)... Tap the Back Button ( < ) screen top left
    Goto (5)... Repeat steps --> (5) to (7) Until your list is completed --> Then got to (8)...
    (8)... Tap Blue Arrow ( ^ ) Top right of the screen to exit….

    It says a restart is required, but I've never found it to be necessary
    After choosing the Generic Icons to Hide.. Tap the coloured (^) Icon screen top right...

    Stay Safe… ATB YFM
  • lamelyloungeslamelylounges Posts: 10 [Master Explorer]
    I agree with the original poster that we should be able to fully delete these POIs from even existing on our device.
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