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Can tomtom please ensure that the POI are reliable. I use my tomtom quite a lot because the traffic info is very very good but is let down by the poor POI, totally wrong position on map or wrong information. For example I reported the name and location of a new showroom for a motorcycle dealer which I know is correct because I have visited the new showroom but the report was not excepted but is shown correctly on map of Waze. With regards to POI I switch from tomtom to waze as their POI are miles better for correct info and being accurate. The rest of tomtom is very very good but much improvement is needed on POI with regards to location on map and information to be as good as Waze.


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    With regards to my last comment to POI yesterday I was in Marbella and noticed that a garage had changed to a Nissan dealer. I called in and they said we have been Nissan for quite a while so I did a map edit on mapshare. Dont know who checks the edits but I wish they would check them correctly because it was not accepted and I was there yesterday and it has changed to a Nissan car dealer so I know it is correct. In general tomtom is good but badly let down by poor POI location and/or POI information. Also the amount of POI that are duplicated is stupid.
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    Hi @cbrfireblade

    Did you include info such as their website which would then show they are Nissan and their address etc.

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    Hi Doug
    I put name of garage, name of street and house number. Cant remember about website but I also reported another place in marbella which is a bathroom supply store and did include the wesite address which was also not accepted and on tomtom map its shown as a car repair garage. This edit I also know is correct because when in Marbella yesterday I walked there to double check the edit was correct and it is. Not impressed with tomtom for POI. A lot in Estepona and Marbella in wrong location on map so I dont trust tomtom for POI for that I use Waze or google maps. Yes they do have some mistakes but on the whole for POI much much better.
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    Where does TT gets its POI info from?
    I've been looking at my home town and as good as none of the POIs were correct and plenty were missing.
    It's all very poor.