Unable to login on MyDrive

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I'm trying to log in https://mydrive.tomtom.com/it_it/ but it asks me for username and password, then the window closes and nothing happens, I tried with different browsers, same result.....


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    Tried today to use the MyDrive app on my iPhone SE with the current IOS.
    I have to log in again but it won't recognize my password.
    Even a password reset didn't help, keeps telling my that the login credentials are incorrect.
    I'm experiencing similar problems on iPad or MacBook using the MyDrive website.
    Anyone has an idea what's wrong with it?
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    The same problem for me

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    We had similar issues earlier today, both I and my wife could not log into MyDrive on the PC and the phone app was saying I was logged in but I could not get any of MyPlaces to appear.............

    But we can do so now, so assume TT has cleared the fault - 3 Hours too late for me as I wanted to send a destination to my device and had to do it all manually taking extra time as it takes ages to move from each menu screen plus the earlier time I spent on my PC clearing cookies rebooting etc etc.

    And then the Go Camper device sent me straight into 2 sets of Traffic light operated roadworks that it was not showing on the device and then on my return first attempted to send me down the M1 where I knew there was at least a 10 minute delay due to an earlier lorry fire.

    Finally using an alternative route I knew, the Go Camper tried to send me down Appspond Lane off the Hemel Hempstead Road which if you have been down there is a very narrow set of roads (single track with passing places) being near Potters Crouch (the Hollybush Pub area) - bad enough for a car but not really suitable for a Motorhome!!!! Luckily I knew to avoid the instruction, but for anyone new to the area...............

    Was sorely tempted to throw this device out of the window as it continues to not even do the most basic of navigation tasks. I only bought it as my previous Car devices kept on sending me down these narrow single track roads and the Go Camper I was assured by Customer Services is designed to take into account the size of a vehicle, but it still continues to do exactly the same as the Car device!!! :s
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    I login but nothing happens after that, my saved routes and places are blank
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    Hi @ker1923.

    Back up for me now .

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    Had the same problem in April 2022. I have a german subscription to MyDrive as a planning tool for the GO Navigation App. When I was in Italy two weeks ago, I coud not login to MyDrive, since each time I tried to login on the german TomTom-MyDrive webpage I was routed to the italian login page, which does not accept my login. So my idea to use a laptop for comfortable route planning and send the routes I planned in the evening to my phone for the tour on next day, does not work. This really degrades the usefulness of such a navigation solution and limits the full usage to my home country. I finally succeeded with Google Maps.