Start 25 or VIA 1515?

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Model: 4EN52 Z1230 is TomTom START 25 and the box shows TomTom 1515M... LOL!!!
See the imaged attached:

This discussion was created from comments split from: What model is listed as 4EN52 Z1230.


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    I have a Tom Tom sat nav device in my car and in small print the model is listed as 4EN52 Z1230 and when I look on your site it does not correspond to any of the models on your site - can you please tell me what is the right name for this model?




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    Welcome to the site.....
    The same model has different names depending on which country it was purchased....

    The 1st 2 Characters of the serial number + The Country of origin will determine the Model name

    You haven't stated your location in your Profile ???
    USA/Canada Model name for 'BQ'
    UK/Europe Model name for 'BQ'

    Just a thought were you logged into the UK support site instead of the US support site when you registered your Account for the Via 1515TM ???

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