Rider550: Trip Statistics. UNWELCOME FEATURE

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Per usual every time I use the thing I find something I'm less happy about. The latest being in the Trip Statistics menus. Seems to be a couple of useful recordings of distance, speed, times etc. for today's trip and a since last cleared feature. However, the worrying bit for me is the Trip Statistics since the unit was first started or factory reset.

Seems if you over-speed on a trip, that speed is recorded for posterity or until you perform a factory reset. This speed reading could, if found by agents from the enforcement agencies, trigger extra and unwelcome attention.

Anyone that has had a nicely setup Rider550 with all the Bluetooth connections working and then had to use factory reset because of an enforce email change will understand why you don't want to use factory reset routinely to delete an errant speed recording. A bit of research finds a Rider400 owner similarly unhappy with this feature. Clearly, the lemons think this is a "Cool and Essential" feature and don't believe it needs removing.

Also, where do I find info on using "Tags"? Just tried "feature request" and the little box just fills with nonsense.


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    Don't speed or tell the police you've been to Germany, simples.
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    Yep. Fair point, you now have the moral high ground but I'm still waiting for someone else to explain to me why there isn't a means of resetting this one easily rather than the only other option of using the nightmare factory reset.

    Turns out I don't need to go to Germany, a sunny day out to France would easily cover it but I didn't get to go this year, there's a pandemic on.

    So far there's two of us, one guy I found complaining about his Rider400 and me with the Rider550 who don't like this feature. Why would anyone want/ allow a tachograph on their bike without an easy reset?
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    + 1....
    I would also like the option to delete All the Trip Statistics including the Max Speed....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM