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SilverLadySilverLady Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
When I bought my Tom Tom device, it came with lifetime UK maps and Lifetime speed cameras as part of the package. I received an email today telling me that my 'speed camera' alerts have been deactivated and that I would now have to pay for the service. This is unfair.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,351
    Hi @SilverLady

    If your device is linked to your TT account then @VikramK or @lampard can review the settings for it on the TT servers and correct if required.

    Look back here Monday when they will be back on the forum.

  • SilverLadySilverLady Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Thank you, Doug, I will do that.
  • XosemaXosema Posts: 40 [Legendary Explorer]
    I commented something similar in a previous thread of mine but had no answer about that particular topic.

    My GO60 came with lifetime European maps and 3 months for radars or so. That was way back in late 2014, so those 3 months went a way over 5 years ago, of course. However, there was some kind of offer some time after that, which in the end meant some kind of free update, just one update for free. That was also some 5 years ago anyway.

    However, and this is key to me, although not updated (which of course means there are new cameras and radars, but also some have been removed or placed somewhere else) my GO60 has been warning me all these years, updated or not, whenever it thought there was a radar, camera, whatever, ahead.

    But since last August (I believe) that is not true anymore. That info has disappeared and therefore I have no more warnings.

    I don't use the device that much as most of my driving is on roads I know by heart, but I use it two or three times a year at least anyway, so that information, though not updated, came in handy.

    I think it was last August that some of the updates said something like "outdated radar info would be deleted". I thought that would mean that update would strictly delete only that info that was not true anymore, it wouldn't add any new info about new radars but at least there would be no false warnings (not that many anyway). However, it actually meant it erased all info about radars. And it's not that I had any other choice than to accept it as it was part of the whole update process anyway.

    I think it's unfair from any point of view I can imagine. It's the wrong way to make people go and subscribe to the radars info. At least to me.

    But, adding insult to injury, as of today I received this e-mail saying, and I quote:


    Activa tus alertas hoy mismo

    Tu TomTom GO 60 no funciona correctamente." etc.

    Yes, it's in Spanish as I am, but for those who don understand it:


    Activate your alerts today.

    Your TomTom Go 60 is not working properly."

    Is this a joke? This can't be serious. My GO 60 is working as fine as ever (a bit slower than it used to due to the whole map being in the SD card instead of internal memory I guess). It's you who've made it "not working properly".

    I just want my info back, I don't need any update if I don't want to. But that was info that was paid for back in the day (being it part of an offer or not, whatever) so that should be in the device.

    Thank you.


    P.S. I hope you fix your problem with notifications as I'm not receiving any from this forum, thank you.

  • SilverLadySilverLady Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Oh dear, Xosema. My email was pretty similar.... "SPEED CAMERA ALERTS ARE DEACTIVATED" then it invited me to pay a monthly fee for the service which was included in the package when I bought the devise.

    Tom Tom certainly appear to be holding customers to ransome - very poor service, but I will give then a chance to put things right.
  • XosemaXosema Posts: 40 [Legendary Explorer]
    High SilverLady.

    Yes, your case seems to be even worse than mine if your device came with both subscriptions (UK maps and speed cameras) for life.

    My case is not exactly the same as it's only the maps (in my case, all of Europe) that have a free lifetime subscription. However, I think it's right to think that if they included speed cameras as a bonus back them, even if only with updates for a limited time, once that's over it's the updates that I'm missing, but I should still get all the alerts that I already have. Deleting that info from the device is completely absurd and surreal.

    But now they say "hey, your device is not working properly", WTF?!

    First they erase that data that was ALREADY MINE, and it's my problem whether it's updated or not, and now they say the device is "not working properly"... when it's them who made that happen in the first place.

    That is absurd and surreal beyond belief, utterly outrageous. They make the first move, which I would say it's illegal but I'm no lawyer, to push you into their subscription. And now they try and convince you it's kind of your (my) fault the device is not working properly as I'm not subscribed. What the hell?!

    Nope, the first move was wrong, but this second move is utterly wrong. I didn't need that service as I don't use the device that often, and even most of the times that I use it, it's not because of speed cameras or how to get somewhere but to know how long will it take me to get there. I have sometimes considered to, well, I may subscribe for a little while and unsubscribe later, just to get updates once a year or so, which is way more than I need.

    But now? Nope, there's no way I'm subscribing.

    Thank you.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,433 Moderator
    Hi @SilverLady

    Welcome to the community!
    Your Start 25(serial number starting BL) comes with lifetime maps but speed cameras are a one-time update. You will require to subscribe to the service to get weekly updates.

    Regards, Vikram
  • SilverLadySilverLady Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Thank you, VikramK.

    That's not as I remember it. I know that I've had the device for several years so I may be due for a change/upgrade, but I have never been asked to subscribe to access the speed camera facility - not that I use it.

    If that function was an 'add-on', I wonder why Tom Tom have taken all these years to contact me about it.....
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,351
    Hi @SilverLady

    When your unit was sold the cameras package that you needed to subscribe to covered Europe. That package has stopped being offered as they have now introduced a World cameras package. With a number of units now offering world maps this means that when you load and open a map then the cameras for that map will be displayed whereas before if you bought an additional map for your device cameras were not available for it..

    There were a few issues with this introduction which were raised with Tomtom and are hopefully now resolved and as part of this they were going to issue emails re camera subs and it would seem that they have caught up with you. The new Subscription offered can be turned On and Off as required on a monthly basis which was not an option before.

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