How to return malfunctioning device?

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Hi, at this point I'm fed up with the device GO Supreme that is causing so much frustration. Even your support admits that it is failing because the smartphone's OS is developing much faster than TomTom can catch up with it. I'd like to receive clear steps on how to return my item and get my money back. It's been longer than 14 days because I was unsuccessfully trying to troubleshoot the issues with the support and because I had believed in a good name for TomTom products. This is my third device in the history of owning TomTom GPS navigators, but as much as I was enjoying my first one, okayed the second, I can't spend any extra time anymore in troubleshooting my third device and hoping that someday it would get a stable upgrade. Please give me copy/pasted steps on how to get it returned and please don't refer me to any links, because your web-site links are also redirecting users to other pages, not related to the link.
Thank you.


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