How can I tell which way round the round trip is?

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Hopefully I'm just being dense here - I'm pretty new to SatNav navigation, and especially my Rider 550....
On my laptop I open MyDrive and 'plan a thrill' (there must be a less cheesy term for this) to a destination, and make it a round trip. It shows the route as a thick blue line with (obviously) a different route in each direction. But how can I tell whether the route has planned to be clockwise or anticlockwise? I would have expected some sort of arrow to designate this but I can't see one? Surely TomTom have done something to show this without having to open the full directions and working it out from there?


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    There is no easy way to see the direction of your route it is just a blue line.
    You can use a starting point in a junction nearby. When jou start this track the Rider will create a route to this track. Because you know the direction to this junction you will not have the problem starting the track in the wrong direction.

    @VikramK can you add direction arrows in the blue route line to the wish list? A bit like Kurviger an OsmAnd have implemented this.
    This way it is easear to start a route and to see you will also drive the same road in the opposite direction later (two arrows in opposite direction)

    Arrows in Kurviger

    Arrows in OSmAnd