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Tomtom GO5200 start up going black & rebooting?

SavignySavigny Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
I’m seeking some expert input on a problem that’s appeared with my GO5200 recently. There’s the odd post covering parts of this on the community but no real answers.

Regularly on startup (or wake up from sleep) the screen goes black, unresponsive and reboots(?) showing the world map and eventually starts. Sometimes it goes through this loop a number of times.

Especially annoying is that it acknowledges receipt of a new destination sync’d from the App then reboots etc and looses it. I thought it could be linked to getting notifications that map etc updates are available but it happens when none are available.

Gone through the restore option a number of times but with no change. It doesn’t appear linked to low memory and there’s only the standard EU map installed.

Now wondering if a factory reset is needed but community posts seem to give conflicting info on..
- How / if I would get my map back?
- Confirmation that ‘my places’ would reappear by sync over WiFi?

Before I give up on the 5200 and TomTom as a supplier, is there anyone who could offer any guidance and a fix please?



  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 562 [Revered Pioneer]
    there have been reports around this problem. no experts here so best to contact the customer care tomorrow
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,071
    Welcome to the site....
    Try logging out of your Wi-Fi....
    I find the Wi-Fi devices are more stable and more responsive in general use when you 'Forget' the Wi-Fi connection

    (You can't actually logout you can only 'Forget' the connection)
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Wi-Fi
    Tap on your Connected Wi-Fi
    Tap (Modify) Icon
    Tap (Forget) Icon
    Tap (^) Icon Screen top right
    To verify the Wi-Fi is OFF Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) screen top right Wi-Fi logo with an 'X'

    To Reconnect to Wi-Fi.... For Updating etc....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Wi-Fi
    Tap on your chosen Wi-Fi
    Enter your Wi-Fi Password
    Tap Done
    Tap Connect

    Unless you're using a personal My-Fi Hotspot in the car for your data connection, the only other reason for a live Wi-Fi connection is for updating the device... I turn off (Forget) Wi-Fi by default and only login for updates
    It's no big deal for updates, you only have to enter your Wi-Fi password....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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