add or create your own car icon add the POI -Missing options on Go Supreme TomTom

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I've had two other Tomtoms and they both had the option to choose, add or create your own car icon and opening page. Also, there does not appear to be anyway to add additional POIs, as an example the previous units you could add the POI for Starbucks USA or Exxon stations, etc.

Are there any future plans to make this happen with the Go Supreme? I was quite disappointed to not see these features included with this unit.


  • brianpk
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    Just read this and found the same on my new Go Supreme. So very disappointed as I could personalize my 730 and had the car as a paddling kayaker GIF.

    I had ordered a Supreme about 3 weeks ago only to find it was not going to be shipped out in time for a trip I had planned, so canceled the order. Went with a Garmin which you could change the vehicle, customize the maps, etc. However it would not show speed limits below 40mph nor show combined ETA, length of trip and miles all at once. When I got back from the trip I returned the Garmin and re-ordered The Tomtom. Now I'm finding out all the past features that made the TomTom more fun to use are no longer there.

    I can only make a heartfelt request to have these features re-instated as they make the units much more fun to use.

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    I add my voice of disappointment to yours. I expected something called "Supreme" to have more features than other versions, not less. This is my third unit, and suddenly I have lost my vehicle icon, my opening/closing page, my celebrity voices, and all of the other little features that made me like owning a TomTom more than just using Google Maps.

    I hope somebody fixes this situation. I'm ready to return it.