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I have a TomTom 6200 model which I used for about two months before its screen froze and is now useless. The diagram on the screen is of a computer screen, a sat nav with a broken wire linking the two. There is a red cross between the wire and the computer screen whilst the sat nav has a red triangle on its screen. I have tried switching off, switching on and switching on holding the power button down until I hear the "bongs" but to no avail.

Your automated help line has proved useless.

Please contact me concerning this problem - [email protected]

Thank you

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    Hi @______abcdef1233

    It looks like your unit has gone into Recovery mode and so needs to be connected to your PC with My Drive Connect running. You should connect it after the PC is already running MDC. You should leave it connected for some time so that if it manages to link to the TT servers it either completes the recovery or times out on the servers.

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