Where to find CNG/CBG stations?

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I drive a Volkswagen biogas-car but I can't seem to find any support from TOMTOM or third parties when it comes to POI-lists for CNG/CBG-stations (Compressed Bio Gas in Sweden, Compressed Natural Gas on the European continent) As of today I use the iPhone app Pitpoint to find gas for my car but it would certainly makes things easier if i could use my tomtom instead. Does anyone know how to get a list of European CNG/CBG into my Tomtom? I suppose German/Finnish/Swedish or Italian drivers are my biggest hope... (in earlier threads there's been som confusion about what kind of gas CNG is. I am looking for Compressed gas for passenger cars NOT Liquid gas that is used for lorries and trucks)


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    use google or other search website to get the pois you want.
    later add them using mydrive website as they have shown in a video