Why have my runs stopped exporting to MapMyFitness but TomTom says connected?

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My runs were all uploading to MapMyFitness until this last week. I’ve tried deleting it and re adding it which shows connected but nothing is happening?


  • tfarabaugh
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    Did you delete it from MMF as well? You have to take away the permissions on the MMF side before resetting. Delete the MMF link under Connected Apps then go into MMF and click your name in the top right corner, selecting Settings. Once in the Settings menu, go to Connect and in the top right, select Manage Applications and revoke access for TomTom. Now go back into TomTom Sports and add MMF as a connected app. You will be prompted for your MMF login credentials which will reset up the link. This should reset all the upload settings and get your activities back to MMF. If that does not help, the link may be down on either side nd you will have to wait for it to be repaired (if it comes back at all - TT Sports has been out of business for almost 3 years). You can always download the file from TT and manually import it into MMF.
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    Thanks so much!
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    Hi @Jana77

    Welcome to the Community! Did you manage to upload the latest runs to MapMyFitness using the advice from tfarabaugh above? Please click 'Yes' to mark it as an answer.

    Regards, lampard