TomTom Go Supreme 6 with iPhone X

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I followed the directions to a T for Bluetooth connection. The iPhone connects for voice calls but data and messages will not connect, always says connecting, but never connects. iPhone X iOS 13.6.1. TomTom Go Supreme 6 updated. help!


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    Hi @fdwlaw

    Since Apple issued IOS13 the My Drive App association with the Bluetooth pairing does no work owing to a Security change made in the IOS. As a result you can only get Handsfree and Traffic etc but no messaging which is what the My Drive App was facilitating.

    Try the following to connect to the unit noting that at no time should you involve the My Drive App..

    Delete all Bluetooth pairings on both the iPhone and GO Supreme and then turn both units OFF.

    Turn on the iPhone
    Tap Settings/Personal Hotspot and turn Personal Hotspot On (Do not try to connect to TT unit as it just needs to be turned on on the IPhone).
    Tap Settings/ Bluetooth and Turn Bluetooth ON
    Turn on the GO Supreme and then Tap Settings/Bluetooth/Add a Phone
    Go Supreme appears on iPhone Bluetooth so Tap it then Accept the Pairings on the Phone and the GO Supreme.
    You will also be asked for Contacts. Thats up to you.

    You will now have. Bluetooth connection to the GO Supreme and the Traffic and Handsfree should work

    When ever you wish to use your iPhone with the Go Supreme you must turn on the iPhones Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot then turn on the GO Supreme.

    If whilst in use you turn the Personal Hotspot OFF then you will lose the Bluetooth connection to the TT unit. At no time will you be asked for the Personal Hotspots Password neither will you see it as connected if you go to Settings/Wifi on the Tomtom.

    This connection should be far more stable than you are likely to find using just Bluetooth and My Drive. At the moment My Drive is only for use to create routes etc and it appears unlikely that it will ever be able to be modified to enable messaging whilst this Security change is in place.