Clean Re-installation of MyDrive Connect

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The following are instructions for a clean installation of MyDrive Connect

  1. Close MyDrive Connect completely.
  2. Make sure there are no TomTom related processes running in task manager. (The Task Manager can be found by pressing the keys Ctrl+Alt+Del and then selecting Task Manager)
  3. Uninstall MyDrive Connect via the Control Panel
  4. Go to Start and then My Computer/Computer/This PC
  5. Delete the MyDrive Connect folder from C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86)
  6. Check each username profile (marked as <username> here) and make sure the TomTom folders are deleted from the following locations:
  7. Press the Windows Key + R to open the run window.
  8. Type in %temp% then press OK. Delete as many files from this location as possible. Some files can not be deleted. This is normal.
  9. Restart the computer & download MyDrive Connect.
  10. Go to the download folder, right-click on the file MyDriveConnect.exe and press run as administrator.
IMPORTANT: Should the issue still persist, you can always look at 3rd party tools like Revo Uninstaller to clean reinstallation of MyDrive Connect as suggested by @YamFazMan here

  1. Right-Click the MyDrive Connect in the Dock then choose Quit to close it. (If you’re using a track-pad, hold your finger until you get a pop-up.if you cannot see it on the menu, press the Alt/option on the keyboard [Latest Macs use ‘option’ again rather than ‘alt’])
  2. Uninstall MyDrive Connect> In the Finder menu, click Go and then Applications >Drag MyDrive Connect to the trash.
  3. Alternatively, select MyDrive Connect and then, in the Finder menu, click File and Move to Trash.
  4. Delete MyDrive Connect folder/files from the Library. Go to Finder. In the top Apple menu, click GO >Click on Library (if you cannot see it on the menu, press Alt/Option on the keyboard).
  5. Go to Application Support and delete the MyDrive Connect folder/file.
  6. Now go back to the Library, go to the Caches folder and delete the MyDrive Connect folder/file here as well. Empty the trash.
  7. Go to Installing MyDrive Connect> Select Mac OS X> Double click on the file MyDriveConnect.dmg in the Downloads folder> You will see a picture of a computer and an unpacked box. Double click the box.
  8. Follow the installation wizard.