TomTom app V1.29 with traffic information still works perfectly with iOS 14

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I am happy to report that the original & best TomTom app for iPhone is still working on iOS 14. All it lacks is the Traffic service that TomTom decided to end several years ago. For all I know this would still work if TomTom re-enabled it.
I still use this app when I know that Traffic info is unlikely to be important as it's so much easier to select the address you want to drive to with the simple:- Town->Street->Number rather than the slow & erratic Search that may or may not find where you want to go & depends on you having a network signal.


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    Awesome Nigel thank you so much for taking the time to post this info. I think I’ll ‘upgrade’ my iPhone 5s running TT v1.29 to an 8 now lol
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