Has any other TomTom customer experienced this sort of fraud against them?

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Last year I was defrauded by someone who called himself Juan (an employee of TomTom, so he claimed), who insisted that I needed to pay him in excess of £800 for him to install (by proxy) an updated version of Windows 10 (plus some ‘other’ software components) on my home personal computer - so that my computer would properly operate the updating functions of my newly bought GO 5200 SatNav, via my MyDrive Connect facility.

This happened in Sept 2019, within two minutes of me putting the down my telephone – having just spoken to TomTom in the Netherlands, and purchased from that company (over the phone) a brand new GO 5200 SatNav unit (which was actually delivered to my home address within a week of that date). This ‘Juan’ convinced me that he knew all the facts and details about that very purchase, and he explained to me that he was contacting me (within two minutes of that transaction having being completed!) to advice me of a further purchase necessary. His words were something like:

“My colleague who sold you your new GO 5200 SatNav unit just moments ago forgot to tell you that you would also need now to upgrade your computer, to facilitate the regular updating of your new, more ‘advanced’ SatNav; so you’ll need also to purchase a new software package to upgrade your computer – because the current package you’re using is not able to properly run your MyDrive Connect programme, in order to allow you to update your new ‘super-advanced’ GO 5200.” Hence the need for me to purchase his £800+ computer upgrading package from him. But how did this ‘Juan’ know all the details of my transaction with TomTom, which I had only completed minutes earlier, if he was not a legitimate TomTom employee ??
You need to know that TomTom therefore has imposters and scammers who have immediate access somehow to authentic TomTom transactions, and who are falsely using that information to pretend that they have full authentication to demand from genuine TomTom customers, such payments in excess of £800 – for what turns out to be totally unnecessary. In fact, what ‘Juan’ installed on my computer (by proxy) was a pirated faulty version of Windows 10, and a disfunctioning, pirated anti-virus package – which I then had to pay a local computer dealer to remove them all from my computer, as they were both causing major malfunctions to my computer. Such people as ‘Juan’ are evil fraudsters working in the name of TomTom, who have access to ALL THE RELEVANT particulars of TomTom transactions AS THEY ARE ACTUALLY HAPPENING in real time!

Now, a year later, that same ‘Juan’ fraudster has contacted me again on Monday 7th Sept 2020 to try and persuade me yet again to pay him in excess of another £800 sum of money for another 12 month package including a 12-month anti-virus protection cover and a further newly updated version of Windows 10 (to operate MyDrive Connect functions) so that I will be able to periodically update my GO 5200 SatNav unit trouble-free for another year. He claimed that my package purchased 12 months earlier from him (i.e., from TomTom – as he professed to be a TomTom employee) was due to expire and cease functioning; hence the need to renew my subscription to him immediately. The person who claimed his name was ‘Juan’ called me on my home telephone number (0xxxxxxxxx8) which showed his incoming number as 0xxxxxxxx93.

Question 1: Cannot TomTom track this swindler and have him apprehended by the police?
Question 2: Cannot TomTom offer me, a genuine purchaser of a TomTom SatNavs, some financial compensation - as a gesture of good will?

Mr Exxxxx Pxxxxxxe Joxxxxx (UK)
e-mail: [email protected] (previous ‘old’ e-mail now defunct: [email protected])

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    Hi @Eurwyn

    I am very very sorry to hear about your experience. You have clearly been onto a Scam Tomtom website which has no connection with Tomtom.

    Firstly one of the Mods here will edit your post to remove all the personal data as it is not a good idea to post it here.

    Tomtom do not connect to customers computers and manage them and also at the moment they do not have any active Phone line Customer Support.

    It would appear that having got your money originally that have then used your Tomtom Account details to order a unit and have it delivered to you which helps them perpetuate the scam.. The first thing I would recommend you do is to change the password on your Tomtom account in case they have added some software to your PC that enables them to access it.

    If you have the current version of My Drive Connect software on your PC then you do not need to do anything else with that in the meantime you do not need your PC to update your GO5200 as you connect that directly to your Wifi at home and use the menus on the device for updating. If you do not have Wifi at home, maybe for health reasons, or the Wifi is slow then you will need a PC with My Drive Connect running but you only connect the GO unit to the PC and use the menu options on the GO unit to manage the updating etc.

    If you have any website details of the Website and can make that available here then Tomtom can seek to sort the problem out as they do with any that are brought to their attention. I think I have heard of the name Juan before so you are unlikely to be the only one taken in by these scammers.

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    I'm sorry to read of your misfortune....
    For more info on the scammers see.... (I've already entered the phone number you supplied)....
    Free reverse phone lookup tool will help you find out who called. UK telephone number search....
    See.... https://who-called.co.uk/Number/02039508393

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM