No audio alerts after riding for a few hours.

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Hi there,

I already have configuration below:

- midland btx 2 Pro S twin pack (which supports two Bluetooth channels),
- android 10 device,
- tomtom rider 550 with latest firmware.

I have paired my TT550 with other devices by the following configuration:

I connected my Android phone (Huawei mate 20 pro) with my TT, my midland intercom with TT (on first channel, known as "+" with A2DP support and optionally HSP) and finally my phone with midland (on second channel: "-" with lower priority).

In this configuration everything works well, I can talk with others using intercom connection, I can listen to music (as a background due intercom call) and hear my tomtom voice driving messages. But after a few hours of riding, tom tom stops driving instructions. It looks like tomtom bluetooth connection was lost (but I'm not sure). Other connected devices works fine (intercom call still apears, music in background plays).

I tried fixed this issue with the following tips (without success):
1. Various pairing sequence between bluetooth devices.
2. A2D2 or HSP profile tests.
3. Change me and passenger intercom bluetooth name.
4. Only tomtom and intercom connected (without phone).
5. Connected with second intercom channel (with lower priority).
6. Connected with first intercom channel (with higher priority).
7. Reset tomtom to factory settings.
8. Update to the latest firmware (tomtom).
9. Remove cache on mydrive app.
10. Reset to factory and update (and reset again) midland intercom.

Every case works as intented, but few hours later tomtom doesn't play voice messages.

Does anyone have the same or similar problems?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @slashered

    Welcome to the community!
    I see the list of troubleshooting steps you tried are quite through which leaves nothing more for me to advise.

    Could you report the issue to our customer service team, please?

    Thanks, Vikram