Incorrect addresses and speed limit inaccuracies - London area

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This I mainly a rant about how inaccurate TomTom maps are.

I have been a TomTom user since the days of Windows Mobile and have generally found it pretty good but as time has gone on the accuracy of the mapping data seems to be getting worse.

It feels like TomTom relies solely on users to update their maps rather than paying people to drive around and then updating the information first hand.

When driving in London the number of areas that aren't marked with the correct speed limit is prolific, especially for 20 MPH areas. It has got to the point where you just can't rely on the speed limit displayed by the software which also means any journey time estimates must be wrong as well (albeit by small margins).

Additionally I'm not sure where TomTom get their address information for the UK but it seems unlikely that they are paying for the proper Royal Mail PAF file as the addresses have areas added to them that are just wrong.

My road has Dartford tagged onto it when it is in Bexleyheath. My parents has Crayford added to it, when it isn't in Crayford. My mother in law's postcode points to the wrong road.

Navigation software is only as good as the underlying data and TomTom seem to have lost sight of this important fact.

Does TomTom have any plans to try and reduce theses problems (which seem to have got worse in the maps used by the new version of TomTom Navigation which I really don't understand).



  • DougLap
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    Hi @Rimmer100

    Re your Mother in laws Postcode if you type the posts code in search and then the street number does it give the correct position.

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    Hi Doug,

    I appreciate you getting back to me.

    The way you describe searching was what I was doing and it used to go to a completely different road. I did contact support about it at the time but they said there was nothing they could do about it.

    Before I added that part to my post, I hadn't actually checked it recently (which was clearly an error) as it does now go to the correct road. However it isn't the correct location, which only appears if you type the address out in full, but it is much better than before.

    I guess the speed limits being incorrect is something I'm more acutely aware of as I have TomTom set to warn me if I go above it. If they are inaccurate I either have to put up with it dinging at me constantly for no reason (which happened twice on the way home today - two stretches of road incorrectly marked as still being 20 when coming out of a 20 MPH zone) or having to keep checking my speedometer when TomTom has the speed limit set too high.

    Both of which defeat the point of having the feature turned on.

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    Hi, @Rimmer100 ,

    I totally agree with you about the Speed Limits!

    Even if a User reports a change in the Speed Limit, TomTom seems to delight in ignoring the update (as they have done with myself in the past - hence I don't bother trying to report them any more)!!

    I've now lost count of the number of Speed Limit errors that exist in my area!

    Strangely enough TomTom do seem to keep the Speed Cameras Updated & I have seen many occasions where TomTom CORRECTLY reports a Camera as 30mph (as an example), yet shows the Speed Limit as something totally different!