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iOS 14 seems since i updated to iOS 14 MyDrive connect stopped working

hi everyone
i got the TOMTOM 600, i've done what support suggested: uninstall / install MyDrive, reset the GPS unit several time, connected/disconnected blue tooth etc etc. when the GPS unit is trying to connect to MyDrive (iphone) by pairing says "unable to connect to TomTom MyDrive". When i tap the top bar: Traffic & MyDrive - No Internet, but the Bluetooth is connecting. thanks for your help.


  • kieronkieron Posts: 416
    Hi there TRD2300GT -

    Here is an excerpt posted by JURES (another forum contributor) as a temporary fix for iPhones using iOS 13+ operating systems end of January 2020 -

    If you pair the gps with your iPhone WITHOUT the MyDrive app, traffic works flawlessly - perfectly!
    You can even install the MyDrive app afterwards and use it for routing - but -
    JUST DONT PAIR your gps with the MyDrive app!!!
    Traffic will still work, MyDrive routing will work, the only thing that does not work will be smartphone features (calls/sms).

    Traffic and MyDrive under iOS 13+ works!!!!!
    1. - Delete the MyDrive app on your iPhone
    2. - Delete old Bluetooth pairings of the gps on your iPhone
    3. - Connect the gps to your iPhone over Bluetooth under standard way
    4. - Install the MyDrive app
    5. - DO NOT pair your gps over the MyDrive app
    6. - Have personal hotspot on iPhone turned ON just for *Bluetooth and USB Only*
    - DO NOT pair gps with WiFi of this personal hotspot and make sure WiFi is turned off on your iPhone.


    The problem is in the MyDrive app (pairing through the app) as Apple had introduced new Bluetooth security permissions.

    ~Kieron adds~

    Additionally, also using the *Bluetooth and USB Only* pairing hotspot in your iPhone settings will be required for a stable connection and has less of a drain on your phone’s battery compared to the WiFi hotspot setting.
    I am currently using my Rider 500, (Sena 5s and iPhone 7 Plus paired directly for calls) this way successfully.

    As JURES (the original contributor of this temporary fix) had explained, you can re-install the MyDrive app onto your phone, sign in to it and use it for routing to send to your devices, but just don’t pair the Bluetooth within the app to your gps.
  • TRD2300GTTRD2300GT Posts: 6 [Apprentice Seeker]
    hi Kieron, thanks for this I will try it.
    many thanks!!! :)
  • TRD2300GTTRD2300GT Posts: 6 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks again Kieron, i tried doing all those steps dont understand what i'm doing wrong. (unless the 14.02 update will fix this issue) hopefully.
    thanks again!!!!
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,351
    Hi @TRD2300GT

    Follow steps ! and 2 above and at all times do not open My Drive App.
    3 Open Personal Hotspot in iPhone Settings and turn it On.
    4 Open Bluetooth in Iphone settings and turn it On.
    5 Turn on Tomtom unit go to Settings/Bluetooth and Tap Add Phone
    6 Tap TT units name when it appears on the iPhones Bluetooth screen near the bottom
    7. Tap and Agree Piring numbers on the iPhone and the TT unit.
    8 You may be asked on iPhone for permission to access Contacts. Up to your.

    The TT unit will now be connected to the TT unit and will provide Traffic and Handsfree.

    You will never be asked for the Personal Hotspots Password and you will not see it under Wifi on the TT in Settings/Wifi.

    When you want to use the TT unit make sure you have turned BOTH Persional Hotspot and Bluetooth On. If ,whilst it is connected to the TT unit, you were to turn Personal Hotspot Off then you will lose the Bluetooth connection.

    Regarding the My Drive App it can now only be used as if you were on your PC and because of the change since iOS 13 the linking of the App, which was to facilitate Messaging, is not possible.

  • TRD2300GTTRD2300GT Posts: 6 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Like to thank everyone who's trying to help me on this. Thanks Doug / Kieron.

    I followed those steps as well Doug.

    - did the pairing
    - accepted permisions to access contacts etc etc
    - while pairing the TT to the iphone shows the phone being paired but then it times out after 5-10 seconds and i get the following message:

    Unable to connect to Tomtom Mydrive
    Please check that the Mydrive app is installed and running.
    Also check that mobile data and Bluetooth are turned on and that your phone is discoverable

  • kieronkieron Posts: 416
    edited October 18
    Hi there TRD2300GT -

    Can you confirm that you do not have the MyDrive app installed on your iPhone, then going into Settings:
    1. WiFi is Off.
    2. Bluetooth is On.
    3. Mobile Data slider switch is to the right and showing a green colour (On).
    4. Personal Hotspot settings “Allow others to Join” it was set for “Bluetooth and USB Only” and NOT “Turn on WiFi’
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 17,709
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    Welcome to the site...
    There's an unresolved problem with the Apple iPhone iOS 13 & 14 and the and the MyDrive App's advanced Smartphone features... If you can live without the bells & whistles of the MyDrive App...
    Just use a straight simple Bluetooth Connection....

    MyDrive App
    If you have the MyDrive App installed on your iPhone
    You will need to forget the Bluetooth Connection on the Phone...
    Go to Setting --> Bluetooth... Select the MyDrive App --> Forget this Device & Confirm Forget this Device....

    If you wish to install/use the MyDrive App
    DO NOT Connect Your iPhone to the MyDrive App over Bluetooth....
    Traffic will still work... MyDrive Route planning will work
    the only thing that does not work will be smartphone features....

    Setting up the Phone....
    (1)... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Bluetooth... Tap 'Add Phone'
    (2)... Scroll the screen to display the Question mark Icon ( ? ) Screen bottom right
    Note... If the Question mark Icon ( ? ) is not displayed, scroll the screen up
    (3)... Tap on the ( ? ) Question mark Icon....
    (4).... Select... Not interested in all of these features
    Connect without the MyDrive App
    (5)... Open Personal Hotspot in the iPhone Settings menu and turn it On.
    (6)... Follow the on screen instructions... To connect over basic Bluetooth....
    Note... If the Tomtom device is not displaying for Bluetooth connection on the iPhone... Turn Bluetooth OFF and back ON....
    (7)... Select the named Tomtom device when it appears on the iPhone's Bluetooth screen (Towards the bottom of the screen)
    (8)... Tap and Agree the Bluetooth Pairing numbers on the iPhone and Tomtom device.
    (9)... You may be asked on iPhone for permission to allow Contacts & Favorites to sync with your Tomtom Device... Select if required
    10... On the Tomtom device a new window opens.... Select which phone features to use....
    Note... If you get theScreen shown below....
    Tap the Back Button ( < ) to return to the screen to select which phone features to use....


    Be Aware on the Live Devices....
    If you turn on Data for Traffic & other services... The Bluetooth/Phone Connection can take priority over the Live GPRS SIM

    On My Devices I get....
    GO Premium Data Connection GPRS SIM...
    I selected....

    GO 620 Data Connection... Bluetooth/Phone (NO GPRS SIM)
    I selected....

    Rider 550... Live Traffic, Directions through the Headset but NO Phone
    I selected....

    Rider 400... Live Traffic, Directions & Phone over Headset
    I selected....

    For more Info... See Posts by @jures @kieron & @DougLap

    Stay Safe ATB YFM
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