TomTom Start 52 Not Detecting MYDrive Connect

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I'm trying to update my Start52 to the latest maps etc, and for some reason, the device is not detecting that it is connected to MyDrive Connect. The device has "Connected to your computer" onscreen, so it knows that it's connected. However underneath it says "Please open or install MyDrive Connect on your computer". However MyDrive IS open on my computer and it has detected the device is attached and switched on and has d/loaded the updates. But no matter what I try - rebooting the S52, installing the MyDrive on another PC and running it there, disconnecting the S52, then re-connecting it, closing/opening MyDrive, it still firmly states that I need to open MyDrive on my PC and then I get "The server is busy" error message on MyDrive.

Has anyone got a suggestion as to what is happening here, cos I'm out of ideas right now? (and to be honest, getting rather hacked off with the extremely poor quality of the newer TT devices)


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    If I'm having problems with MyDrive Connect... I find deleting the "HOME3" and the "MyDrive Connect" folders in the MyDrive Connect Program will usually bring MyDrive Connect back to life...

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    Yes, I saw :-) I tried that as well, even though it appeared to not be directly linked to the problem I was having, I thought I would give it a go - just in case. Unfortunately, no joy. The issue seems to be more with the S52, than MyDrive Connect, the app HAS detected the S52 well enough to list it and d/load the updates. The other possibilty, I suppose, is something on my PC that is preventing the uplink, though I tried it on another PC and it still came up with the same message