TomTom GO does not remember subscription

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This is a similar query to the one here, but the solution doesn't work for me. I bought a 1y subscription on the 19th of May through Google Play Store. This shows in my Google Play Store purchase history. About a month ago I had to re-install TomTom GO on the same device. It now does not remember that I have a subscription. I have tried uninstalling the app and installing from the Play Store once, and tried installing it by logging in to the Play Store on a different machine and pushing it to the device (twice) as described in that thread. Neither is working for me.

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    Unfortunately this is not always the case!
    I have the same email address on Android and on my Tomtom account and despite this, my Tomtom profile does not include the recently renewed subscription. When consulted, the Tomtom assistance proved to be completely inadequate and I am unable to extend the new subscription to my other devices as I have done so far.
    Anyone have any other solution? Thank you.
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