How can I dry out my Rider 550? water got in on my last ride in the rain

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My TomTom Rider 550 has water ingress, which is steaming up the screen from the inside. Thought they should be waterproof as designed to be on a bike. Its a couple of months out of warranty so any help on how to dry it out would be really helpful. Otherwise I will just have to do the taking it apart thing :(


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    Open the USB and Micro-SD lids and place it in a dry place for a number of days.

    When wrapped in paper towel with lids open you can also place te rider in dry rice.

    I also advice you to contact the seller or customer service for a free replacement. The Rider should be waterproof.
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    Hi @Sooty99
    Could you get in touch with our customer service, please?
    Please also attach the purchase invoice and include the serial number of your RIDER 550.

    Thanks, Vikram