I cannot find my address or my neighbours on Tomtom

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1 Bankfield,Trevenner Lane,Marazion TR17 0BL or Honetwell, Trevenner Lane, Marazion TR17 0BL and also Rosevallon, Trevenner Lane, Marazion TR17 0BL. Do not confuse with 1 Trevenner Lane, Marazion TR17 0BL which is a different address round the corner from mine


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    Hi @Hawkie
    Sound like an error with mapping the data. Could you report it using our MapShare website, please?

    Regards, Vikram
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    Welcome to the site....
    The Start 52 only has the 'Step by Step' search engine....
    The Via and GO range of devices also have the 'Quick Search' and the 'Step by Step' search engine....

    Using the 'Step by Step' search on my GO 6200 Map v1055 finds....
    No1 Trevenner Lane OK
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Drive to a City or Postcode....
    Enter... Marazion
    The device offers Marazion
    Tap on the offered Marazion

    Enter street name....
    Enter... Trevenner Lane
    The device offers Trevenner Lane
    Tap on the offered Trevenner Lane

    Enter House number....
    Enter 1
    The device offers... Show on the Map, Add a Cross road, Drive or Done....
    Note... There is no option to enter a house 'Name'

    Show on the Map offers....

    If you look at the GPO Postcode to Address Finder...
    You have a house with a Number i.e... No1 and a house with the same number + a Name --> 1 Bankfield
    You have a house with a number i.e... No2 and a house with the same name + a number --> Lowena 2
    The Council planning seem to have an aversion to using even numbers ??? Enter 1, 2, 3, (4), 5, (6), 7, (8), 9, (10), 11, (12), 13, (14), 15, (16), 17, (18), 19, (20) etc.... :/

    I thought our road was confusing... All the house number run sequentially up one side of the road and down the other....

    Stay safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @Hawkie

    Generally Tomtom units, like other GPS units, including Google Earth in your case, do not include House names in their data basis unless they are somewhere like Buckingham Palace then they are in the Points of interest data.

    If you want to find Buckingham Palace then inputting Buckingham Palace, The Mall, London will not get a result but add SW1A1AA to the search then it pinpoints a position near Buck House. If you only input SW!A1AA then that centres half way up constitution Hill some 2/300 yards away from the first search result