Feedback - Go Navigation for Android Ruined!

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This relates to 2.3 release/20.1

Put simply, driving around London using TomTom used to be stress free and enjoyable - now it's frustrating, irritating and not at all pleasant. Perhaps sometime you might send someone to London to try out TomTom and experience how bad you've made what was a good product. So what is wrong?

1. Your maps are wrong
2. You've put a large blue box top right, which obscures a lot of the route
3. Your speed warnings do not handle low speed areas sensibly
4. Your speed camera warnings are often pointless
5. Your audio now seems to talk non-stop!
6. It's slow!
7. Understand upgrades!

None of these were an issue until your recent updates - you've taken a very good product and ruined it :-(.

_You maps are wrong_
I've just driven along a long, main artery route, that is, and always has been, a 30mph zone. The entire way TomTom has claimed I was in a 20mph zone and was binging non-stop because I was doing 28mph.

_The Blue Box_
In the US, street names are clearly displayed above every interchange so perhaps the blue box is useful - THIS IS NOT TRUE IN THE UK. At one point almost half of my screen was obscured as the blue box told me the very long name of the street I was going to turn into in half-a-mile. I could not see the route ahead at all on the screen beyond maybe the next 50 yards!
The only thing I care about is the left/right/straight on arrow and the distance - all of which could be in a very small box on the top left out of the way.

_Low speed warnings_
London has many 20mph zones and even in third gear my speed might be 18, or it might be 22mph. But your speed warnings are both too sensitive, and too late. A well as going off almost non-stop, often I'd look down and see I was under the speed limit. So was I speeding or was your warning simply not working?

_Speed camera warnings_
I drove up a known "hot spot" that has lots of speed cams and again, Go Navigator was binging itself senseless. Why? I was in heavy traffic in a 40mph zone but travelling at 27mph!

_Please be quiet!_
Your audio voice now seems to be getting paid by the word. it speaks so much it's impossible to listen to music, the radio or even passengers. It needs to get a grip and shut up a lot of the time.

_Slow, slow, slow..._
TomTom was never fast starting up but now it is VERY slow starting and response times to screen presses are like I've written the instructions and posted them to the app. What no earth is it doing?

_Upgrades should not hurt customers_
Your recent upgrade required a complete reinstall of all maps - so why didn't it do that automatically? I was leaving for a journey and discovered that I had no maps. I had to leave to make an appointment and could not wait for new maps to download so I had to "wing it". I have 30 years experience of writing and upgrading software - this was a terrible, TERRIBLE upgrade.


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    I would even add a couple others:

    - map errors report - certainly the ones concerning speed limits - are processed very slowly. My reports from nearly a year ago are still not processed
    - support is outrageously bad. It seems that one has outsourced to companies where the only goal is to close issues as soon as possible. One doesn't read any details, interpreted by people not knowing what it's about and copy/paste standard (even incorrect answers).

    One doesn't seem to care about their paying customers. If I handled our customers as bad, I got fired and our company would be out of business.

    It's a disgrace.
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    Here's a photo of the large blue box taking up a chunk of valuable screen real estate and hiding the coming road layout from the user. 26ufwopuyofg.jpg
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    - battery saving option is gone - why would anyone even consider removing a battery saving option from a mobile phone app?
    - the option to remove the gimmicky 3D buildings is gone with the battery saving option - does anyone really care about the 3D cubes that sometimes hide the route?.

    I DO like that the sidebar now shows the exact distance to the next POI displayed on it but why only in portrait mode?
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