I have a 330S apparently it's obsolete, can't even upgrade the maps.

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So what do I do now with it?


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    Everything has life and an end of life...
    I assume your 330s is still working ??? But with outdated Maps ???
    My Yamaha FZS600s Fazer ceased production... Year 2000 ish... The model failed the latest EU Emissions regulations (It's still working fine, I love riding it)
    My 405 line TV stopped working when superseded by 625 line TV my 625 line TV stopped working when superseded by Digital TV (But there were Workarounds to keep them running)
    FM Radio superseded by DAB (The DAB Transmitter shut-down roll-out is shelved for the moment)
    My various Desktop PC's were superseded by the many incarnations of Microsoft Windows... Many of my Win7 peripherals were end of life after Windows 10
    I will have to replace my iPhone if I want to install the latest iOS
    2G > 3G > 4G > 5G Various 'n'G Mobile Phone services are being progressive phased out
    My iPad2 is almost unusable
    My Tomtom NAV2 Start device is end of life, the Map is outdated but it's still working....

    Ah well... Que Sera Sera ;)

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM