Map Update Notification- GO Navigation app for iPhone (Improvement request)

Herbaldew Registered Users Posts: 35
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While I am here on another subject, let me take the opportunity to suggest this again...

Please add a "Map Updates are Available" notification to the main screen like the old days.



  • RicoK
    RicoK Registered Users Posts: 161
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    Yes, I can fully agree with this!

    Can you also add a button like 'Download all'?
  • JosBossie
    JosBossie Registered Users Posts: 1
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    Agree with you both!
  • ianmetz
    ianmetz Registered Users Posts: 11
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    Agreed - an option to 'auto download while on wifi' would be good too, just like my iPhone keeps its apps up to date without me having to check.