Impossible to accurately report incorrect speed limits on Map share

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I have found several issues when trying to report incorrect speed limits.

Here are some screen shots


The entire road reports it's 40 MPH along length although it changes at junction with Trafalger Rd where it is 40MPH to the west of junction and 30 MPH to east

1 shows where speed limit changes from 40 to 30 MPH
2 I click on part of road that is now 30 MPH to report it but you highlight section shown in green as area
being reported that section is both speed zones. I do however get option to report speed limit change
3 I click slightly further down the road and I am only given options to report a missing road, a point of interest
or other. I click on other
4 I then select from the drop down menu that I want to report speed limit and I am told to click on map where
I want to report and then click on the speed icon. ERM! I did click on the map where I wanted to report but
was not given that option


  • Megalos
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    Yeah, it's a known thing. Just don't pay attention to that selected area of road. The report applies to the location of the pushpin. Optionally, you could use the start and end push pins to indicate the start and end points of the change you want to report.