Using the shot analysis on my phone / synch watch to phone problems

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For the first time in 2 years I was interested in looking at a recorded round from my watch so I synchronised the watch with the app on my phone. Well I am less than impressed with the results first of all it took 3 days before the app on my phone showed the round then I tried to look at the statistics but only the summary was shown waited about another 15 minutes and I could then get statistics but could not drill into each individual hole to see a trace of my shots on the hole. In the end I gave up either the app does not work correctly or the web-site that sends the data to the app is running on a steam powered server that works every other day. If you could please do something to make it work correctly.


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    Since TT Sports went out of business almost 3 years ago, nothing will be done to improve eh app. The fact that you had not used it in several year could be the problem. It was probably refreshing and updating in the background which was slowing it down. It could also have been your connection bandwidth. In any case, it is what it is, nothing will be changing.