'Your device is being added'....for ever...

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Ok, I have a Via 52 and I cannot get past the initial connection on TomTom Connect.
It is just stuck on 'Your device is being added'...
I have read the old forums but I still cannot see why I am stuck?
I have tried on my pc & now on my Applemac, but it's going nowhere!

Yes, I am using the original cable that was supplied with the satnav.
Yes I have reset the Sat Nav, after failing initially.

All I am trying to do so far is connect to 'TomTom connect'...before I press on to update the thing as I can see that the uk map needs updating, but I can't even get past the initial 1st phase!

It really shouldn't be this difficult, and there are so many people that have had, and seem to still be having this issue....it's not like any of us are trying to get a rocket to mars....it's a simple connection to an app on a pc in order to update a map!!!


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Reebo55555

    Welcome to the community!
    Did you get this sorted already.. I see the device is linked to your TomTom account...

    Thanks, Vikram
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    The MyDrive Connect app requires connection to the internet. The default is DIRECT connection meaning cable connection. If you're using WiFi you'd need to select SYSTEM connection and enter the computer's User name and password. Otherwise it will forever stuck in the "Your device is being added" screen.