Feature request: avoid specific roads or areas (like in te Garmin Zumo XT)

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The Garmin Zumo XT gives you the option to avoid a certain road or area altogether. It would be nice if TomTom added the same to its Android app.

This feature is very useful in a number of cases:
  • a road closure has been reported to TomTom but not yet updated
  • a road closure is only temporary
  • the road is closed only to certain vehicles (e.g. only residents can pass through)

I have been caught out by quite a few such situations recently and in the end I used Waze from my phone, as that was up to date with all the closures.

Also, there is a specific itinerary for which I cannot rely on TomTom because it often wants me to go through a road that is permanently closed.


  • lampard
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    Hi @uktomtommer

    Thank you for your feedback! For now, the app can only avoid motorways/highways on the current (planned) route. I'll log this as a feature request for my product team.

    Regards, lampard
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    @lampard will it also be possible to to add the "Speed limit reduction" warning to the feature request list?
    This option informs you for example 100 meters before a lower speed limit about the new limit and the remaining distance. (without loud beep please)

    Also I would like to be able to place a roadblock on the map.
    First bij clicking the map and add the add roadblock option.
    Second in the Current Track Menu - Place Roadblock 100 meters ahead in current track.
    And a option to create a button with this option onscreen. (whit keyboard shortcut)

    After this calculate a alternative route. If multiple people report the add it to traffic information like is done when you report a speed camera.
    It also would be nice to be able to see your own blocks in Mapshare Reporter to lower the threshold for reporting map errors.

  • ficav
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    Hi @uktomtommer, I'm not sure if this is what you've been looking for, but you can avoid a part of your planned route by clicking on the route, then click on the three dots, Alternative route > Avoid Part of Route. You can do some additional route manipulation here, like finding the alternative, changing the route type, etc. Does this solve your problem?
    Regarding the permanently closed road issue, this is a map problem. Can you tell us which street/road that is so we can fix this bug for good?
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