Battery drain with Rider 550

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Having a new Rider 550 for 2 weeks now I went for a drive, charging it on my bike (for sure because when I parked my bike and switch off ignition, tomtom gives a screen "disconneting from you" (in dutch)).
When I come home I leave the rider on my bike, not charging. Today I came back and the rider 550 is totaly drained when I wanted it to switch on. How can that be?


  • YamFazMan
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    I assume the power to the mount switched off with the ignition switch ???

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  • SA-man
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    The power was switched of when I turned off the ignition of the bike. The rider went to sleepmode, but was totally empty two days later. ??
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    Never had this issue. When i switch my ignition the Rider goes to sleep mode.
    In sleep mode even after weeks the battery is not drained. The only difference is I always remove the Rider from the mount at a long stop.