App resets search entry

Qeff Registered Users Posts: 3
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Ver 2.10.1. iOS 13.5
After entering an address, the app clears the search bar entry and goes back to map view of my region

I always have to retype the search term or address before it’s successful. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled and also rebooted the phone. This happens to my other phones too so likely to be an app issue. Does anyone have a fix?


  • VikramK
    VikramK Administrators Posts: 14,283
    Hi @Qeff
    What destination or address did you search for using the app?
    Or does this happen for any address search..

    Since you have already tried the reinstall of the application, could you report this to our customer service with the phone model, along with the firmware and the MyDrive app version..

    Regards, Vikram