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I also asked this in the Contact Us transaction.

I have an iPhone 8. I had installed a TomTom app on it, then following a software problem an Apple Genius reinitialised it and so I had to reinstall TomTom. The information about the varieties of TomTom is not at all clear and I made a guess and installed the TomTom MyDrive app. The icon on the iPhone was not the same as I’d had before.

Opening it I got taken through some dialogues which talked about further devices, but at that stage I had no further devices I wanted TomTom on. I ignored all that and logged in using the email address and password I’d had before; it worked but there were no entries in My Places, so I assume that info was kept on the iPhone and got lost when it was reinitialised. I added Home and an address in Brighton.

Looking for some information I googled TomTom on my MacBook and got a page in which I could log in to TomTom. That worked and the My Places I had added were there. Does that mean that that the information is not kept on the iPhone but on your servers? Or was my MacBook communicating directly with my iPhone? I also tried logging in to TomTom on my iPad, and got asked to download MyDrive Connect. What’s that about?

I find this all very confusing. There is some information in your TomTom Community pages but I could find nothing that helped. There appears to be no information which tells you which app you need on an iPhone, and how to use it. I like to have written information which I can print out and look at when I’m trying to get to grips with an application - help pages within an application which you have to branch off to away from what you’re doing are not helpful. I did come across an 80-page user manual which says it’s for iPhone and iPad. Is it applicable to what I’ve installed?

It seems to me that I will end up using TomTom by guesswork when I go somewhere, and will probably be missing out on all sorts of useful features.

Can you direct me towards info for new users?


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    are you searching for a navigation app, tomtom branded that will work on an iphone? then the answer is-
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I deleted TomTom apps from my iPhone and iPad - there was no TomTom app on my MacBook - then on my iPhone I downloaded TomTom Go Navigation. When setting it up I was asked if I wanted to sync with My Drive. I said yes, and saw that a location in My Places which I had set up yesterday was present. What kind of thing is My Drive? What does it do?
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    I forgot to mention that a year or two ago I had a standalone TomTom device which got stolen. I did not replace it but decided to use my iPhone. That might have something to do with my setup.
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    Hi @TPSOC

    Th MyDrive App is where you can create routes or save My Places positions and then they can be saved there in your Account and/ or you can send them to your TT unit. Also if you create My Places on a TT device then they are synced back to your My Drive Account and so is a form of Backup.

    At the moment if you create My Places in your My Drive App they will be saved to your My Drive Account and it is to be hoped that in the not too distant future you will be able to create routes in the My Drive App and they can be synced to you Nav App when it logs into your My Drive Account. The IOS App has never been able to sync routes form your account and save them but TT have said they are working on it and hope to offer the function next year.
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