Where to get TomTom serviced in India

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I have a TomTom Runner GPS watch. It was bought 3 years ago and was working excellently. It was value for money/ paise vasool type of purchase.

It has started giving problems since the last 8 weeks. Some of the problems are described below:

1. Takes a long time to latch on to GPS. However it is not a big problem, I can always start a little early
2. Will latch on to GPS, I will start the run, it will track the run for an arbitrary distance and then di2, stance will no longer increment.
3. Sometimes, in continuation of 2 above, the display will go blank. On connecting back to charger, it will return, but would have lost the run, and date and time settings.
4. On earlier occasions, based on FAQs in your site, I use to reset the watch and it would function normally for some time. Recently that is also not helping.
5. It goes blank during treadmill runs also, though the battery indication is 100%.

I want to get it serviced. How do I go about doing this?


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    TomTom does not offer a repair service and TT Sports went out of business almost 3 years ago. If it is out of warranty (which yours is at 3 years) there is nothing to be done. If a factory reset does not work it is likely there GSP chip is failing and it is time for a new watch, there are plenty of brands out there with better feature sets for less money these days.