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GO 60 update removed all traffic camera information

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I updated my GO60 a few days ago. It was a birthday present back in 2014 and it came with the European map for life. Also, it had (I don't remember exactly) kind of a temporary subscription to traffic cameras (checking at MyDrive Connect, it was a 3-month subscription), which I didn't keep. However, there was some kind of giveaway a few months after and therefore it was updated back them. This was somewhere around 2015. I never subscribed to that, as I only use the device three or four times a year. It would have been nice to but I didn't feel the need to update.

However, this last updated had a message saying something like (I don't remember the words exactly, and maybe the devil is in the details but I don't see how in this case) the outdated information about traffic cameras would be deleted. The way I understood it, it would seem to me that the update would delete those traffic cameras that are no more. It's not something you see everyday but sometimes they remove traffic cameras.

But it seems either I was wrong or the message wasn't clear or something went wrong. Or something. Because ALL of the traffic cameras info was deleted. The way I see it, that is wrong. In case this is what it was supposed to happen, it's a bad move in my opinion. I had that info installed in my device and it's my problem to know that there might be new radars or traffic cameras (or whatever) that I won't know about if I don't update that info, but I had some info already, that should not be deleted. All in all, you can never say all the info on the maps is 100% accurate (yesterday was one of those days in which I use the device and I almost drove in the wrong direction on a street due to a mistake on the map, which I will inform you after I finish this) and I have to live with that, so I can also live knowing that there might be new traffic cameras I don't know about. And no, I'm not saying this because I might have been fined yesterday (not that I'm aware at least), it's all about "what I had" and "what has been taken from me". And I would like it back, of course. I don't need an update, just what I already had would be fine. Thank you.


My second question is about the search POI function in my GO60. You'll see, those few times I use my GO60 every year it's because I go on a journey to see and photograph different places, such as castles, monasteries, whatever. So, after I've listed all the places I want to visit, I add them to "My Places" on the web, as anyone would.

Considering that I have to visit those places in a particular order for a number of reasons, and to make it easier to find in the list of my places, I name them such as "2020 - 01 - Castle of Whateverplace"(*), so when I get to one place, I automatically know which one would be next without thinking. Yes, I could plan a route ahead of time, but that doesn't work for me. I usually have to skip one or more destinations so I find it easier this way. I tried it once but I got a bit confused about how the device deals with skipping destinations on a route.

All in all, this time I had 19 destinations, so they all began with "2020". I usually go to "My places" and click down until I get to my next destination, click on it, "Drive" and there we go. But as my list has grown quite a bit, and I didn't fancy coming up with a different naming system, I tried this time to use the "Search" function... but to my surprise, when I write "2020", instead of showing all of "my places" that include (begin with) "2020", it only shows the first three or four, then it shows whatever POI's it might have stored from its database.

I find this to be a problem. I mean, in my case I know what is going on, but the thing with labelling like this (or whatever other system based on pre-fixes) is that whenever I type that certain prefix, I want ALL and EVERY place with that prefix to show up, not just a few. And yes, as you know, I tried going down the list a few times but it only loads whatever it has in its database, not from "my places".

I don't know if that is fixable of if there is a workaround, but although it doesn't mean a great deal to me, I find it odd.

Thank you for your time.

(*) For those interested, in case of making a second, third or whatever Nth journey in the same year, I add some extra "label" between the year and the ordinal.


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    Well, not that I like to bump my own threads up but it's been 10 days and no answer, not even a bad one.


    Thank you.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,618
    The GO 60 has "Quick search" and "Step by Step search" as menu options....
    Just check you are using 'Quick Search' (Default & The best Search Engine)

    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> System --> Choose a search mode
    (1).... Quick Search (Default & The best Search Engine)
    (2)... Step by Step

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    YamFazMan wrote: »
    The GO 60 has "Quick search" and "Step by Step search" as menu options....
    Just check you are using 'Quick Search' (Default & The best Search Engine)

    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> System --> Choose a search mode
    (1).... Quick Search (Default & The best Search Engine)
    (2)... Step by Step

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM

    Hi YamFazMan (nice bike BTW ;) )

    First of all, I'm sorry to reply a week later but, somehow, notifications don't reach my e-mail account. However, promotions and offers from Tomtom do reach. And I don't remember I have changed anything as I hardly ever visit this forum to be honest. I'll check both my Tomtom and e-mail accounts once I'm finished here.

    Anyway, back to the subject and long story short: it doesn't work.

    Not so short story: I didn't even remember this GO60 had two search modes. I guess back in the day when they gave me this as a gift I went and check all the options, but I have it in Quick Search as you say and it doesn't work. For example, I've done two routes this year, therefore all my destinations begin with "2020 - ". So, I type "2020" and three of them show in the POI column (note: I have it in Spanish as I, well, live in Spain, I guess that's the name of the column, as in Spanish it's PDI, "puntos de interés").

    Only three show up as there's no room for more lines. So I start and scroll down to check for more destinations and it's like the machine decides by itself "well, I'm not going to keep searching in the user's saved destinations but I'll check on the preloaded list from factory". And no matter how far down I scroll, my "2020 - " destinations (or whatever year for that matter) won't show up.

    It's not that I would save a lot of time this way, in fact, given the number of destinations I have saved and that the machine is a bit slow since a while ago (since one system update but I can't remember which or when) I can go to "My Places" and scroll down to my next place even faster than even if the Search option worked fine I think, but it would be nice if it worked properly.

    As for my other question about all traffic cameras disappearing, I guess nobody wants to say anything and that's quite disappointing to be honest. Quite a lot.

    Thank you @YamFazMan for trying.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,618
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    Working OK here in the UK....

    Searching MyPlaces....
    The MyPlaces appear on the right-hand side of the Search screen

    Say in MyPlaces you have...
    Costa Worcester
    Costa Bromsgrove
    Costa Droitwitch
    Costa Bridgnorth

    Tap 4Dot (.... menu) Icon --> Tap Search
    If you Type say 'C' a list of MyPlaces starting with the letter 'C' will appear on the right-hand side of the Search screen
    Either continue to type 'Costa b' and the Costa Bromsgrove and Costa Bridgnorth outlets will display at the top of the list
    Tap the blue keyboard Icon screen bottom right to clear the keyboard and display the list
    Tap 4Dot (.... menu) Icon --> Tap Search
    Then type say 'C' and a list of MyPlaces starting with the letter 'C' will appear on the right-hand side of the Search screen continue to type 'Costa
    Tap the blue keyboard Icon screen bottom right to clear the keyboard and a full list of costa outlets will display
    After completing your search, to navigate to a 'MyPlace'... Tap the required MyPlace --> Tap the 'Drive' Icon or Tap on the 3Dot Icon, a quick menu will open with more options

    PS... Tap 4Dot (.... menu) Icon --> Tap Search type say 'T' on the right-hand side of the Search screen will be all of your MyPlaces beginning with 'T'
    But on the left-hand side of the Search screen will be a list of your recent destinations beginning with 'T'
    Don't forget to Tap the blue keyboard Icon screen bottom right to clear the keyboard and display the list
    PPS... There is also a dual Icon with 3 Lines & 2 Circles...

    Tap the 3 Lines or 2 Circles to toggle between List & Map view
    Tap the Keyboard Icon to return to the Keyboard & Search menu

    PS... I'm also not receiving notifications from the Forum ???
    It's under investigation by Tomtom....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @YamFazMan

    Sorry again for not replying sooner but, again, I received no notification. Interestingly enough, I took a look at my account settings and, surprise, they were not enabled, which is odd as I had never, ever, ever, disabled them. Anyway, I checked the boxes for notifications (all of them but one about something I didn't care) and... it still doesn't work. I'm checking again as I write and now it was enabled, so I don't know what happened. If it's already a known error then I hope they fix it soon. So there is that.

    As for what you have answered thank you again but it still doesn't exactly work. And I'll explain myself.

    I've had this device for almost six years now so, although I don't use it that often, I know the basics, and all of those guidelines you've written, though helpful, I already knew. But it quite doesn't exactly work. And the keyword here is "exactly". Or something like that.

    As I mentioned at the beginning of the thread, For all of my journeys I add a prefix for each place I'd like to visit. That prefix always begin with the year, so this year's destinations all begin with "2020 - ". In fact, I've had two journeys this year and the first one had the names in this form: "2020 - nameOfDestination" and the second one was like "2020 - Again - nameOfDestination". That "Again" was part of the prefix as well, and it's not only that it's a journey in 2020 "again", but also that I couldn't visit some of the destinations first time around so I added them "again" for the second round. Anyway, that's how I do things.

    So, yes, I go and Search and type "2", and on the right side of the screen there's a list of all the places that begin with "2". Well, I actually haven't checked if they all appear as they may be well over 200 places and, funny enough, they do not show up in any particular order I may recognize. I mean, I type "2" and the list doesn't show up in alphabetical order, say first all places from 2016, then 2017 and so on. Instead, it's all mixed, it may begin with one place from 2016 and next it will be one from 2018 and then 2017, then 2020... it's completely random. I find it a bit odd, as this reduces some functionality but, ok, I can live with it.

    As this doesn't narrow my search, I type "0" so now it should search all places that begin with "20". Nothing changes as all of my places will begin by "20", be it "201*" or "202*" (in fact, obviously, there's only "2020" for those that begin with "202" but, anyway). The list is, as far as I can tell, the same. I think it still searches again for all places as it must do since it's not the same searching for "2" and "20", but they show up (as far as I can tell) in the same random order as before.

    So, yes, so far so good, it works as you say, although I don't like it shows places randomly but, still, it works.

    But here it is where it breaks down.

    I add a third character to my search, so now I have typed "202" so the results (as of now) will only include destinations from this year (eventually, this decade). And it does... but only three of them. As you may know, if the virtual keyboard is on the screen, you can only see the first three results. You either have to minimize the keyboard or scroll down with the arrows on the right hand side to see the rest of the results.

    And from the fourth result on, all of the destinations are places that include, I repeat, "include", which is different from "begin with", in this case "202". If I keep typing nothing different happens. For example, I have just tried with "2020 - Again - " and, although there are more than 20 destinations that begin with that prefix, it only shows three.

    What seems to be happening, from my point of view, is that for whatever reason, when the search includes three or more characters, it shows its first three results from "my places", whatever three it wants to show, and stops searching. Maybe it's some kind of way to save on computation time and resources, I don't know. The problem is that when I scroll down and it should keep searching, it completely dismisses "my places" and directly goes and search on the preloaded POI list.

    Why do I say so? because when my search has one or two characters, and only one or two, if I scroll down, the list of places is already there. However, if I add a third character, instead of having the list of places already there, it says "Buscando PDI" (= "Searching POI") which obviously means it's doing a second search of whatever I wrote. And according to the results, it obviously discards the "my places" list and goes for the general list. No matter how far down I scroll, none of my places will show up.

    By the way, nor does any of my recent places show up. I don't know if "recent" means in "recent days", as "if you've gone nowhere in the last X days, or at least nowhere that begins with whatever you are searching, then nothing will show up here", or if it means as "latest destinations, no matter if you used the device yesterday or a year ago". It's been 10 days since I last used it and nothing shows up, but I don't care about that. It's the search for "my places" that I care.

    Well, and although you have not mentioned it, I also DO care about the speed cameras info which was erased with the excuse of that being not updated. As if it could ever be 100% accurate guaranteed.

    Anyway, thanks for answering.


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    Thank you man. That's way, way more than I could expect, although it's a bit not efficient to me. I mean, it's tidy, it looks good, but as I think you are saying, it's a bit of time you need to set it up so you're not actually saving time if you add it all up. But it's really, really nice to know and thank you very much for your effort.

    As for the notifications, once again I haven't received any.

    And about the traffic cameras and radars... well, that's a joke I think I'll talk about somewhere else.

    Again, thank you very, very much.

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