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GO Navigation 2.3

We have started rolling out version 2.3. It should be available to all users in a couple of days.
  • You can now search for contacts within the Contacts list
  • Added support for SD cards formatted as internal storage


  • eddydceddydc Posts: 41 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    I'm personally finding this a disappointing update. I guess there are more urgent things to fix.
    Sadely enough, problem reports are handled very poorly too.
  • eddydceddydc Posts: 41 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    It's additionally disappointing that one doesn't seem to bother to react.
    Doesn't TT care about how paying customers feel about their products?
  • MattiGMattiG Posts: 17 [Outstanding Explorer]
    After a long consideration period, I updated the 1.8 version to 2.3.

    To be honest, I am not very impressed. There are several reasons for this:
    • The display is almost useless in a car on a bright sunny day. The color scheme has no contrast enough. The three most important factors of a car navigator are contrast, contrast and contrast. Rendering streets as white on light gray without dark edges might look good in the artist's studio, but in a real use it is absolutely no go
    • The status bar on top of the screen. Ok, but why it is that big? The content fills less than half of the area. The road numbers are rendered tiny and barely visible. Anyone planning for the ergonomy?
    • Not any more a choice to quickly plan for a non-motorway route. It is possible via permanent setting, which is clumsy.
    • Why does the application warn about non-paved roads when there is a setting not to avoid them?
    • The random heading changes of the GPS module while the vehicle is stationary are not filtered. Therefore, a car standing at traffic lights may start to receive mad guidance. No reason to react to heading changes while the car is stationary, they are noise only.
    • If the driver takes another route than suggested, the application may prompt to turn back three times within 100 meters even if there is no possibility to turn, i.e. on an junction ramp. A funny panic mode.
    • The re-centre button does not only re-centre the map but it resets the zoom level, too.
    • It loses settings, at least the voice ones. The Finnish computer voice Mikko is almost always replaced by Kati, if the application has been out of use some time. The first prompt after planning a route, but Kati interrupts him and continues. The same applies to the 'alert: visual, sound and verbal' setting which is repeatedly reset to 'visual and sound'.
    • The ring roads of Helsinki are partly categorized as motorways, but they are not. The 'avoid motorways' routing produces pretty wild and creative (and useless) routes.
    • Cosmetics: The computer voice Mikko speaks amazignly good Finnish, except in roundabouts. The prompt 'Aja suoraan ympyrästä' is OK but the 'Aja toiseen liittymään' lacks the syntactic gemination of the language, and the resulting prompt sounds very unnatural. As the first prompt is ok, that linguistics element is supported by the application.
  • petakpetak Posts: 23 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    edited September 24
    And the "battery saver" feature is gone. In addition to supposedly saving battery, it was also removing the annoying 3D buildings from the screen.

    Why would anyone consider removing a battery saving feature from a mobile app. I don't think any of the developers actually used a nav app in their life beyond their daily commute to the office.
  • Waszko1980Waszko1980 Posts: 12 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I am also happy to share my impressions from version 2.3 that I have installed on my tablet (android version 8.1.0, RAM 2GB, Lte).
    I compared the TomTom Go Navigation 2.3 version to the TomTom Go 5200 PDA on the same route.

    Take a look at the pictures below. An orange rule marked on the map. And on the bar next to it, white! The PDA 5200 showed an orange bar at the same time, which is ok. On the other hand, Go Navigation 2.3 did not calculate the delays on the bar. Moreover. After deleting the route and immediately recalculating again, he suddenly counted well, but the bar is still white and should be orange. Over and over again. As if it does not refresh on a regular basis. Obvious error on the strap.
    In general, I have the impression that Go Navigation 2.3 reacted poorly to changes, while the PDA 5200 immediately showed a different delay change time on the bar.

  • Sp4rkySp4rky Posts: 13 [Legendary Explorer]
    So updated to 2.3, and that's it, I have made my mind to not renew my subscription next month.

    My route to work is now classed as a motorway. It's not, it's a dual carriageway.

    I use the avoid motorway option often when on my motorcycle, and at times when I'm in the car.

    I did want to stay with tomtom and I was going to purchase the rider option for my motorcycle, but now will look for another option.

    What is the point of a navigation app that can not navigate correctly. Unbelievable.
  • papadeltasierrapapadeltasierra Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    @Jürgen Where is the setting to place maps onto the SD card? Darned if can find it.
  • papadeltasierrapapadeltasierra Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    Here's a pic of the new TomTom hiding a huge chunk of my phone screen under a big blue box. Not very helpful and in the UK where road name signs are either tiny or small, completely useless. If the intention was to make driving difficult, you've managed it TomTom :-(. gsobb1z0iio9.jpg
  • eddydceddydc Posts: 41 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    What are the changes introduced in 2.3.1?
    Got the update today, but it is lacking any details.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,351
    Hi @eddydc

    I think it was only a tidying up release with IOS14 probably because of Local Network. There were no new features.

  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 5,681
    Community Manager
    eddydc wrote: »
    What are the changes introduced in 2.3.1?
    Got the update today, but it is lacking any details.
    See here: https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1726462/#Comment_1726462
  • eddydceddydc Posts: 41 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    À pity that none of the open issues has been fixed. How does one still need to wait?
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 1 [Novice Seeker]
    Just bought the app for using a year.
    I really would like an option to force the sound always by the phone speaker(amigo also has it).
    Also would like the option back to mark points on the road, to find it back in mapshare.
    I notice there are some faults in the map, especially speed limits are incorrect.
    Also I notice that the app sometimes like to use the "small" ways instead of the head ways. That was the reason that i stopped using Waze because it's always pushing you by the little ways.
  • lneamlneam Posts: 68 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Jürgen wrote: »
    We have started rolling out version 2.3. It should be available to all users in a couple of days.
    • You can now search for contacts within the Contacts list
    • Added support for SD cards formatted as internal storage

    this option is not standard

    i hope soon there will be a new version with

    1. option into settings for manual install / move the app folder to
    - internall memory
    - external memory

    2. support for sd cards >64GB with exfat format

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